Change your Circumstances

The morning was cold, the floor freezing, as my little feet stomped up and down on the ground in the hospital ward. It was my first operation and probably the third time in being at the hospital, by the way, only at the tender age of 4. I say tender? Matured? At 4 years old?? How is that possible one may ask… It’s experience, life experience. You will find yourself maturing much faster with the more you have to handle in your life, it’s completely up to you on how to manage that stress and live comfortably at the same time. Being in hospital from a young age taught me a lot, taught me that not all people are the same. There are different circumstances, different backgrounds, different lifestyles and much more but one always be applicable to all. You cannot control the circumstances that brought you into this world… but you can change it by the time you leave.

despite your circumstances (1)

Back to it, I was up because the little orange basket ball that was handed to me, which I then threw, bounced away from me and in eager I rushed over to get it. Screaming, the nurses shouted at me asking “Why are you out of your bed?” and “Your knee!”… I was 4? Did they expect a full explanation at that stage. Haha. In conclusion, I leave you with those little words of wisdom and stay tuned for the next story about to hit the pages.

– The Nutcracker

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