Situations vs Destiny

So continuing the talk of Gaur Gopal Das, I realised this is a real major topic of discussion and thought that goes on in many people’s minds. He goes on to say that destiny is your situation brought upon you and your decisions, choices when that destiny arrives is entirely up to you.

You may be sick, in debt, unhappy… These are just certain situations brought upon you. Yes, it is your destiny to be sick, in debt and unhappy. But can that change? Can you change your destiny? Yes! Yes you can!

Choices made during a stage in your life or situation can impact heavily on what the outcome of your next bit of destiny that comes your way. Next time you are down because of the certain situations you in, pick your head up and look forward. Make the correct choices, and if you do not, just accept it and learn from that mistake. A lot can be done to give you a better life, but, it all starts with you.

Make that change today, change your outlook on your destiny, and make decisions to better your life. It starts now!

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