Dealing with Social Anxiety.

Social and ethical anxiety is a great issue in our society today. With the rise of social media, people are constantly comparing themselves to that of a fair skinned, model material girl and the rich and successful business owner. I just have on thing to say. “Intimidation at it’s best”.

The youth has fallen victim to this social anxiety when they are constantly comparing themselves to that of others. They feel they will not be accepted by being their normal selves. It’s time to let people know that they are perfect the way they are. Whether it’s looks, beauty, the way they carry themselves, personality and overall self confidence (Which is destroyed by comparison).

How to deal with social anxiety?
– Acceptance. The first point is acceptance. Accept who you are, be it your flaws, skills, interests and preference. No one should judge you, and if they do, you need to remind yourself that they are not the boss of your life.

– Denial. Do not live in denial that if you were born into another family, you would be happy. Do not life in denial that if you chose braces at the age of 10, you will now have perfectly straight teeth. Just, don’t. You will be accepted for who you are, you are beautiful and you will always be.

– Goals. Make goals that will help you overcome your anxiety. Be it speaking in front of a crowed training, learners for inspiring, or even stirring up a conversation with the teller at your next store visit (I suggest start from small). Once you do this you will feel a sense of acceptance in society, that people will respond to your words and actions of who you truly are!

Part Two to come soon!

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