Friends, Family or Neither?

Friends and Family are by far one of the hardest choices to make when actually choosing who you associate yourself with. I experienced family dissapointment and friend dissapointment. What do I mean by that? Sometime’s the person you think the person that would always have your back, in actual fact doesn’t.

This is where I say the only person you can really count on is yourself. You are the master of your own destiny, there’s many times where ‘friends’ and ‘family’ will have your best interest at heart, which is totally fine, but the only person that knows what you’re going through, your struggles, your emotional state and everything else, is actually yourself.

Friends or Family? I say do not ever put too much trust in either as they can let you down big time. You may be married and have your wife/husband as a best friend, but we see in this day and age how many divorces are happening. Choose your partner wisely, don’t just play it by emotion. Due to emotions you can make really drastic decisions as you are blinded by that. Stay strong, you got this, you can decide how your future turns out.

Read the article about destiny here.

Have a good day readers!

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