How to be happy?

How to be happy?

One of the most asked, if not the most asked question by anyone and everyone. How to be happy? Happiness stems when you are able to smile, look at someone or something and smile and have graceful thoughts. This, if you think about it, applies to many situations. Let’s look at a terminal ill patient told that their days are limited, they will look at you and smile as they appreciate your empathy, sympathy and you as a person, whilst they think about how to help you in any way possible. Happiness, from a person told that there is not much time for them…

We then look at our fluffy, furry friends, our pets. Absolute unconditional love! You may scold them, they will sulk for a while but once they see you again they become extatic! That is true happiness.

So back to the question, how to achieve happiness. Sad to tell you there is no answer for that, and if someone tells you they know the answer, they are liars! Each persons happiness and reasons for being happy differ. So what do i advise? Live, and enjoy life in ways that you will enjoy. For example, go to the beach (If you live on the coast), send some time with your parents, friends, pets, wife, husband or anyone that holds a special place in your heart. Love unconditionally. What do I mean by that? Love your enemies, become one with yourself and understand other peoples struggles. All this will make you a better person and help you be happy in any situation.

I can go on so there will be a part two. If you guys want one!

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