In depth look on the psychology of Career Choices

One of the most important decisions anyone would need to make is their career choice. Many people have their own ways of determining what career path to go into depending on the person you are and what interests you.
The sad reality is I have seen people study a field for 5 years, just to change in the sixth. I have seen people find their true calling whilst working part-time and studying a field completely different.

My take on choosing a career choice falls into two types of decision making.

1. The Emotional Decision and 2. The Logical Decision.

The first interests of a career choice are presented at a very young age as an emotional decision. You fancy computers at a young age? Become a developer. You fancy watching doctors on television? Become a medical professional, and that list goes on. The common emotional career choices are Engineers, Doctors, Plumbers, Teachers and more nowadays Vloggers and Online Gaming etc. Emotional Career decisions are also affected a lot by the community and the influence of that career choice in the community. For example, Doctors are said to have a sense of authority when you go to them, as a kid sees this type of authority they wish to one day be like that. Can we see how emotions affect decisions?

Now onto the Logical Decision Making.

The Logical Decision making is commonly done much later in life. Logical decision making is decisions based on results, facts and research gathered. We commonly see Logical Career Decision making in situations such as becoming a lecturer in Medicine rather than Practicing, becoming a Business Analyst, instead of an accountant etc…

Logical decision making is done when you take in many factors such as job availability, salary, niche and so on.

So my advice to those facing a career choice? The answer is simple, go with your Emotional Decision but Substantiate with your Logical Researched Decision.

Firstly find something that excites you, it could be medicine, science, mechanics (cars and auto), finance and so on. Choose something that you would find yourself doing as a hobby instead of actually work, yes, you must love your job that much! Following that, use your research and logic to substantiate your decision. So we will now look at the niche, job availability,

  • Is the job in demand?
  • Will it continue to be in demand or will the field become saturated?
  • Will I get paid enough or do I start my own business?
  • Is there room for growth?
  • Is it academic or trade?
  • Will I need to further studies to achieve higher rank?

Etc… etc… etc…

After answering those questions and seeing that you can go ahead and jump into it then, by all means, do so! If you have received answers that you were not looking for, all you do now is go back to the drawing board. If you still want to remain in the same field, remember there are many roles in that specific field. Oh, and you can always become an Entrepreneur ;).

This is just a simple article which I hope will assist you in your career choices. There will be a part two, a more in-depth look at analytical and creative thinkers, left brained and right brained, but let leave it at this for now :). Hope you enjoy!

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