How to cope with failure

Failure is a common, a really common thing in life. Failure is easily felt, even in situations where it isn’t applicable. For example, you get 89% in a test and you feel you are a failure because you couldn’t score that extra one percent to make it 90%. Failure is a great cause of depression in all age groups, and especially happens with very motivated or independent individuals where they are always expecting more than they can act.

Coping with failure will not be answered in this article, instead, we going to look at a few things one can do when faced with failure. Firstly, look at the bright side of any situations, there is always a bright side.

1) You achieved everything in your utmost ability.
2) You did better and succeeded more than peers or in your age/ethnic group.
3) You have proved yourself wrong, no matter what the situation is.
4) You have unlocked capabilities by trying your best.

Bright sides are the number one tactic to stop one from feeling like a failure, but easier said than done right? The most common advice given to an individual when faced with this dilemma is “It could have been worse”, one of the hardest pills to swallow, especially cause you feel the person that is giving you the advice is not feeling the emotion that you are at that time. Yes, they either do feel or do not feel the way you are feeling, maybe they have experienced that sense of failure before. You need to unlock this trait in your life to prevent a lot of feelings of failure. When this trait is unlocked you will win 80% of the battle where you are capable of turning any situation into a positive one.

Acceptance is a great deal in these situations as you need to accept the way you are feeling and to not be in denial. Next, learn from the situation. Take lessons from that, more like constructive criticism given to yourself! Once you accept and learn from the situation, you will know how to prevent the feeling of failure in the future.

Do not believe everything people say. You will always encounter people trying to bring you down or dwell on your failure making the feeling worse. You need to know that you are a master of your own destiny and the only person that understands you, is yourself.

I hope this article sheds a little more light in the way to cope with the feeling of failure. Please remember you attract what you give, show support and show empathy in those and need and you will attract the same.

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