Benefits of having a Role Model

Sociologist Robert K. Merton, the name you should remember next time you use the term “role model”. Many of you either are or have a role model in your life. A role model is someone that has qualities that you wish to someday have and the psychology behind a role model is that you wish to mimic, copy or as the term says, “model” the qualities, behaviors, and personalities of said person.

Having one adds a great sense of direction and guidance in your life saving you most of the hassle in knowing what you going to get out of your life, instead you work towards acquiring the qualities of your role model.

Some benefits:
Learn from their mistakes
Yes, the majority of the time people’s role models are either successful entrepreneurs, actors, actresses, singers, entertainers and many other famous individuals. Along the way of their life, they have made some silly, and some not so silly mistakes. Many of these people now I autobiographies or profiles easily accessible on the internet for anyone to view. Reading through this will help you identify where they went wrong and how did they go about fixing it. This will help you cut out the majority of those choices you were doubting.

Having a role model offers great guidance in your life. You can make choices such as career decisions, subject and curricular activities (school and university), also other aspects such as places to live, people to meet, books to read and so forth.

Be Inspired
By far one of the best things about having a role model is being inspired. They instill inspiration in you by just living, sounds kind of silly right? But it is true. Their lifestyle could be extravagant with expensive houses and cars or their lifestyle could be humble with humble beginnings. They could be extremely religious (as your role model can also be an elder or leader).

Side Note
Not all role models are rich, good looking and drive fancy cars. Role models can be your family, friends, mother, father, school teacher, the bus driver, the CEO, the Pastor or Leader of a religious institution and believe it or not, can also be people younger than you!

Yes! Minors or kids rather, also make amazing role models!

I hope this article has shed some light on how to choose your role model and also the benefits of having one!

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