Data Saving Youtube?

One of South Africa’s problems are the data rates in which we have in order to purchase data. As service providers continue the battle to stay “afloat” and offer cheap data continues, companies such as Google are launching data saving apps.

One of these apps is Youtube Go, which has just been launched in South Africa. The app will come pre-installed on Android 8.1 (Go edition) which comes out of the box with many entry-level devices.

Google has the ‘offline-first philosophy’ so this will allow the user to access content even in a low signal/connectivity range. This saves this content on the device allowing for offline use. They are much more transparent in this app, giving reports to users on how their data is being used and taken up on the app.

The app also offers a preview function so that you can preview before making the decision of opening and watching the entire video.

Another feature which will grip South African’s attention is the ability to transfer videos via the app, data free! More information on this soon.

Check out Google Go in the play store!

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