10 Tips to deal with or accept a terminal illness. (For victims and loved ones)

Living with a terminal illness can be frightening, especially not knowing whether your condition will deteriorate or get any better. But there are some advantages, if I may call it that, starting off with the outlook on life.

Living with a terminal illness immediately teaches you to value and appreciate life much more than before you were diagnosed, and no, I am not only talking about those with the illness but those that are directly affected by it as well. This includes friends, family or any loved one for that matter.

You and the affected members of society begin to cherish moments together and value every bit of time spent in each others presence. There is a lot of fear that comes with this, disappointment and anxiety, but what more can you do when nothing much can actually change the situation? The only thing I personally suggest you do is live life to the fullest.

Terminally ill patients have a big impact psychologically and physically with the loved ones around them, but simple acceptance of the situation can help a lot in relieving stress and anxiousness between the people around you.

You need to show the world that you are strong regardless of your situation and you are willing to remain the person that you are no matter what the outcome.

As much as you try to stay positive, there will always be those days where you just do not feel it, but it’s up to you or loved ones (if you reading this and know someone terminally ill) to soldier on. You need to remember that you are never alone in this world regardless of how unique you actually are. Crying? Someone is crying with you. Heartache? Someone is suffering with you. Anxiety? Someone somewhere is just as much, if not more anxious then you currently are.

My top tips for dealing with this are:

  1. Always show positivity regardless of the situation.
  2. Read more and understand your condition (Or a loved one’s condition), knowledge on the actual condition helps a lot!
  3. Gain as much knowledge as you can, seems like a repeat of number 2? Merely because I want to stress how important that is.
  4. Set guidelines for a specific lifestyle to lead, and get those around you to join or support your lifestyle!
  5. Seek psychological advice or guidance.
  6. Meditate, Meditate, Meditate! This keeps your mind clear and allows you to control your emotions and thoughts.
  7. Seek spiritual guidance. Yes, I say spiritual and not religious as some readers may be non-believers. The spiritual guidance includes religious, celestial or non-celestial. This guidance helps you understand life and yourself better.
  8. Speak about it. Talk to friends and family, speak in a support group, blog, vlog or anything just to get yourself out there to the world and hopefully, this helps you or your loved ones to come to terms with this.
  9. Join support groups.
  10. Get a hobby! Yes, something as simple as this. A hobby can keep you and your mind occupied for hours. It helps take away your thoughts that cause anxiety. Your hobby can be anything from reading, watching series, doing housework or even gardening! Anything counts.

These are just a few points that I believe can help you accept or deal with your situation a bit better. I hope this helps! Share this with a loved on that has or a loved one that is experiencing hardships through having someone they love, live with a terminal illness.

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