360 Degree Life – Continued

In this article, we talk further on our previous article the 360 Degree Way of Life.

The 360 Degree Life is the lifestyle of many. The rat race as it’s commonly known as affects the majority of the population, working-class population. Have a 9 to 5 job, have 2.3 kids, have a bond with a repayment of 20 years and retire at the age of 65. One thing that needs to be done at a very early age is to learn to think for yourself.

Simply put, and a scenario I tell the majority of the people I speak to is this.

0 – 6: You listen to and follow the rules and teachings of your parents or guardians.
7 – 18: You are molded into someone by the education system, the education system which has not been changed in over 100 years. Being taught the same concepts and taught how to perceive life and think.
19 – 24: You are once more limited to molding but that of your lecturer in university or college. You are taught norms and research of others that have completed thesis and have become doctors with their Ph.D.’s.
25 – 65: The Rat Race. You then listen to your superior. The business owner, your manager.

If you are lucky enough you would become your own boss (Highly recommended) and that will allow you to begin to think for yourself if not, you will begin to live the 360 Degree Life.

65+: This is the age of wisdom, where you hear all your grandparents or old folk around you tell you how they would have changed the way they did things or lived. We take that advice for granted when it fact it is really useful as they have completed the 360 Degree Life and wish they had a different life altogether. Realising this at 65 is fairly late don’t you think? So, I urge you all to begin to think for yourself, question everything, learn everything and don’t ever stop. Be the master of your own destiny and your own life. Stay away from the 360 Degree Life. There will be a follow-up article, for now, hope you guys enjoy the advice!

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