The rise of the 5G Network and the Mobile Evolution Timeline

So over the past few years, we have seen a massive increase of speeds in the mobile sector, starting from general packet data (GPRS), to edge, 2G, 3G and now to the most recent 4G LTE which give mobile devices super fast internet connectivity.

Well, that is not the end, with the rise of the all-new 5G network. More about the 5G Network.

The first 5G mobile devices are set to make an appearance in early 2019 with the likes of Huawei, Samsung, and Sony taking the early markets.

We have a few speccs before we continue to just give you a brief idea on what to expect.

Latency: Milliseconds
4G: 10
5G: 1

Data Traffic: Exabytes/month
4G: 7.2
5G: 50

Available spectrum: GHz
4G: 3
5G: 30

Connection Density: million connections/km2
4g: 0.1
5G: 1

*These results based on the information of the Country of South Africa

The Mobile Network Evolution
1979: 1G
1991: 2G
2000: 2.5G
2001: 3g
2010: 4g
2020: 5G up to 1GbPs

Yes, we are expecting speeds way faster if not competitive to fibre at the rate of 1GBP/s.

As compared to fibre, 5G will not require trenching and the installation of custom fibre lines to operate, which let’s face it, it’s a big task in order to get appropriate line speeds.

They believe that automation processes across a vast variety of platforms and businesses that require the internet connection will give them seamless speeds and automation.

The added(most) information we could gather other than this was from the isp Giant Vodacom in chatting to one of their media partners.

Pricing (RSA)

“I think that is probably going to be the one most obvious first use case that we will push on 5G,” he said.

He added that Vodacom would aim to compete with fibre operators in terms of pricing and performance.

“Today, there is no difference in data pricing between 2G, 3G, and 4G,” Delport said.
*MyBroadband *Vodacom

More to follow on this great and innovative tech!

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