The Abnormalities of life itself

Each and every one of us has challenges in life. We shall call it abnormalities. Wikipedia defines it as “an abnormal feature, characteristic, or occurrence.”
Now, this can refer to any of our situations, traits or up to the people and their personalities that we have to deal with. Living with abnormalities (Be it physical, mental or social) is a normal part of life. It creates anxiety and doubts in one’s life. Questions like these are asked “Am I handling this situation correctly?”, “How do I approach this person?, “Am I capable?”.

We are all capable of doing amazing things, even those few things that you think you might not be able to do. You need to believe in yourself and trust yourself and your instincts. What is the worst that could happen you may ask? The worst is that you will either fail, which means you learned a lesson, or you will land on the stars instead of the moon. Both “negative” situations obviously being positive.

The main thing to always do is to stay positive and look at the positive of each and every situation.


If you suffer from a physical abnormality, this can be daunting, especially watching people that are fine take advantage and are not appreciative of what they have. The simple case of having a physical abnormality has allowed you to appreciate life much more, which automatically makes you a better, more humble person than “John” over there. Remember, living with a physical abnormality is not a curse, but in many ways, a blessing and you should embrace that.

To finish off, I would just like you guys to know that no matter your situation, social status or physical well-being, everything happens for a reason and you will always be learning and landing on the stars if not succeeding.

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