What is hypnotherapy and does it work?

Dealing with a terminal illness results with a lot of “baggage” may I say, another way of saying ill feelings and depression.

Depression suddenly becomes the major killer in one’s life over and above their terminal illness. There are many options available as mentioned in our previous post but one of the trusted, and un-trusted ways is Hypnotherapy.

So what is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic way of inducing certain waves in the brain into “tricking” it into a sense of calmness and certainty. It ranges from the tonality of the voice used, the closing of eyes and listening to soothing and relaxing music whilst the therapist mouths words to ease your mind and relax you.

Hypnotherapy is also well known in the use for treatment of alcohol, drug and substance abuse. The induced effects of hypnotherapy can help fight addiction or even bad habits which is a plus side for our OCD readers.

Does Hypnotherapy work?
So far there is no such evidence carved in stone in saying that hypnotherapy works or as I say, can be an alternative to psychiatric drugs and psychological therapy, however, research has shown that hypnotherapy has helped with stress and anxiety. Hypnotherapy is also used for a wide variety of medical conditions and not only psychiatric conditions.

In conclusion, a lot can be said about the effects and results of hypnotherapy. We suggest it as it is completely safe and easier to explore rather than self or overmedicating oneself. Be sure to try it out online or even through your psychologist or psychiatrist. This can also be done at home more nowadays with just a pair of earphones and an internet connection to podcasts or Youtube.

We hope this article helped answer a few of your questions on hypnotherapy!

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