What is hypnotherapy and does it work?

Dealing with a terminal illness results with a lot of "baggage" may I say, another way of saying ill feelings and depression. Depression suddenly becomes the major killer in one's life over and above their terminal illness. There are many options available as mentioned in our previous post but one of the trusted, and un-trusted … Continue reading What is hypnotherapy and does it work?

Renal Failure Diet (What and What not to consume)

As a Renal Failure and Nephrotic patient, there are a lot of exceptions when it comes to a good diet to keep your health in check. Quick one's for those who do not want to read the full article include: Low Sodium Low Glucose/Sugar Less Fatty Foods Artificial Flavourants Lots of Water   So those … Continue reading Renal Failure Diet (What and What not to consume)

The Abnormalities of life itself

Each and every one of us has challenges in life. We shall call it abnormalities. Wikipedia defines it as "an abnormal feature, characteristic, or occurrence." Now, this can refer to any of our situations, traits or up to the people and their personalities that we have to deal with. Living with abnormalities (Be it physical, … Continue reading The Abnormalities of life itself